‘Where do the children play?’

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We are sitting on a wooden tea table under a tall green tree in the park coloring figures with acrylic paint. And while we do art the kids are telling stories, sharing dreams and problems.

‘Do you know that I want a little sister or a brother, but my mom told me that the stork has no more babies now, even if I ask him to get us one?’ an adorable little girl that is going to be a tennis player says to me.

‘Well, it is not enough for you to ask the bird. Your mom has to ask for it, too. That’s how it works.’ I smiled back at her.

When another girl comes to the table and starts painting her figure, we ask her what her name is.

‘Sarah’ she says.

‘I have two friends named Sarah. You are the third. It is just that one of them has changed her residence to heaven. Just like grandpa. He is in heaven, too’

‘What happened to your friend? Was she sick?’ another kid asked.

I do not even remember the answer. I was caught by the way the kids were talking for things that we as parents prefer to keep it on the low, remain silent or even do not know how to talk about.

My summer job is not in the office, it would most probably end when the season is over and yet I have already been asked by my grown up friends and relatives :

‘When are you getting a real job?’

I hear the children asking each other ‘Who do you want to be when you grow up? What do you want to do?’ Yet, I cannot give a simple and not too sophisticated answer to that.

When I tell them my age, they would say they do not even know this number. But does it matter?

I am sitting under a tree in the park surrounded by kids that are coloring Elsa, Minions, Angry Birds, little animals, mini robots, houses, hearts. They give them the color, I give them the eyes. This is where my journey has taken me so far and I enjoy the talks, the smiles and the happy faces when we finish painting the figures and bring them to life.


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