Welcome to Dobele!

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It’s Day 4 of our #R4CH project in Dobele, Latvia!

Our team named this memorable day as the ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ Experience, and for a good reason. We had a special hike planned for us in Dobele forest. Our local guide named Antra led us to this exciting adventure.

Everything started with a visit to Dobele Castle. This place is as interesting in daylight as it is in night time. Our international group gathered from all around Europe made it down Berze River and followed the pathway deeper in the forest.

We stopped at the Open Air Stage where we performed some pieces of music and played a Latvian song game. We were eagerly expecting our lunch hour for it was a perfectly organized picnic.

Next, we continued our hike following the path that goes by the river. At one spot we crossed a water spring where we refilled our bottles up. Mother Nature has it all figured out, doesn’t she?

Antra had beautiful stories to share with us that lifted our spirits up and made the time fly by.

Overall, our Latvian hike turned out to be a top experience. We recommend it wholeheartedly to any keen explorer visiting the land of Dobele at this time of the year.

See you soon on our next adventure!

Jumanji Team


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