Visiting the Addamses

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Dear fellow travellers,

How about we stop for a short story on Home, Love and Family? Our journey has taken us to 0001 Cemetery Lane. We are off the regular track. Shall we go in to meet the most unusual locals? This old mansion is the Addams family residence. The door would close automatically behind us. The doorbell would summon Lurch the butler. All hats down! Let’s show some good manners. Anyway, Lurch would take any hats that are still left inappropriately on our heads.

Lurch and Thing are usually greeting the visitors first. Why describe them, when you can simply meet them in person?

While we are looking at the interior full of odd artifacts, we would inevitably enter in the living room to see Morticia and Gomez themselves. They are our hosts, always kind, friendly and welcoming.

Our next acquaintance would be with Grandmama and Uncle Fester. They do challenge the ordinary exquisitely.

We may see the kids Wednesday and Pugsley running around, playing with explosives or their unusual pets.

Spending some time in the house would reveal to us, the unexpected visitors, that the Addamses love to keep dangerous species as pets and grow carnivorous plants. They have taken up many different hobbies such as sword fighting, knife throwing, toy train wrecking, dancing, drawing, knitting, yoga and much more.

If you ask them for their favourites, you would learn that they look forward to Halloween, rainy weather with thunderstorms and would utterly enjoy a picnic under the moon. Although almost everything about them seems to be contrarian to ‘normal’ or dark, they are extremely caring, loving and radiant. I instantly fell in love with the way they communicate with each other, how they treat every member with utter respect and how fond they are of their own lifestyle.

Can you hear another adventure calling? It’s time for us to leave and hit the road again.

See you soon, Addamses!

P.S. It was 1965 when ‘The Addams Family’ TV series were launched by ABC. The characters were based on Charles Addams comics. He refers to them as ‘my children’. Eventually, they even bear his family name.

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