Top Must See Places in Belgrade

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Dear fellow wanderers,

Should you happen to pass through Belgrade on your journey, there is one place you wouldn’t like to miss. We have a weak spot for parks, therefore, inevitably we fell for Kalemegdan Park. The name of the park has a Turkish origin, the word ‘kale’ meaning ‘fortress’ and ‘megdan’ standing for ‘battlefield’.

One of the very first grand statues to see on entering the park is the Monument of Gratitude to France erected to honor the French support during the First World War.

We passed the statue and turned right.  Right in front of the Stambol Kapija at the Belgrade Fortress we happened to catch a dinosaur display.

We move forward and right to the wall that surrounds this beautiful place. The unforgettable vast view of Sava River flowing into Danube gives the visitors a reason to stop and stare.

Our attention is attracted quickly to the statue of the Victor or also known as Pobednik. It is the city’s most recognizable landmark. A very juicy story concerning Pobednik  was revealed to us. They first planned to locate the statue in a more central part of the city. The marketplace Terazije seemed like a perfect fit. However, the female part of the society stood against the idea stating that a statue of a naked man is inappropriate there. Finally, the statue was given a place in the Upper Town of Belgrade Fortress where it still stands.

We would now let you finish your story of visiting Kalemegdan. Enjoy your free run!

Your always exploring,


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