There Is Copacabana Beach In Australia, Too

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When you think of Copacabana beach you probably imagine Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. That beach is so iconic that it has turned not only into a Brazilian landmark but an inspiration for beach wear brands and cocktails. However, if you are not visiting Brazil any time soon and you happen to be in Australia – there is a Copacabana Beach for you! Located in Central Coast, just a few hours from Sydney, Copacabana beach is a great weekend getaway.

Surfers at Copacabana beach, NSW Australia

Getting to Copacabana Beach, Australia

My advice is – go to Copacabana on a Sunday – the transport fare is only A$2.60 for the whole day. The trip to Copacabana Beach takes around three hours from Sydney by train and bus. You can get a train from Central to either Woy Woy or Gosford. From there you can take a bus going to Avoca and Copacabana beaches.

Things to do at Copacabana Beach, Australia

One of the first things you will notice about the Australian Copacabana beach is the sand color. Even though Australia is famous for its pristine white sand beaches, the sand at Copacabana Beach is orange and really soft.

Orange sand at Copacabana Beach, NSW Australia

Copacabana Beach in Australia is quite big and you can do plenty of things – from surfing to taking long walks along the shore, the view is spectacular. You can bring your own food and have a lovely picnic on the beach.

Don’t forget to pack some food

There are a lot of local people there going to surf or bringing their dogs for a walk – that’s how I and my friend met a new friend – Louis, a friendly dog who played with us all day.

Shoko playing with Louis

I always liked dogs more than people 😉


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