The Father of the Addams Family

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Dear fellow travellers,

the travel story of the day is meeting us with a superb illustrator, the Father of the Addams family himself, Mr.Charles Samuel Addams. Let’s have a cup of tea with him and his delightfully macabre characters. I can hear the theme song playing in the background.

♫♫♫ ‘They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky 
They’re all together ooky, the Addams Family …’ ♫♫♫

Me: Hello, Mr. Addams, it’s a pleasure to see you on a rainy day like this. It couldn’t be just more gloomy and appropriate for our meeting.

Chas: The pleasure is all mine. May I ask how you came to know me?

Me: Your characters, the Addamses, are such a good company. I spent quite some time enjoying their black and white stories. As a result, I couldn’t help myself, but ask who their creator is. That’s how I discovered the Father of this family, you.

Chas: Very well, then. You should know that Gomez is the father. All of them are my children.

Me: Is it true they didn’t have names at first? Was it only when the TV series were planned that they were named?

Chas: That’s what they like to put on my record when writing the biography articles. Gomez and Pugsley are enthusiastic. Morticia is even in disposition, muted, witty, sometimes deadly. Grandma Frump is foolishly good-natured. Wednesday is her mother’s daughter. A closely knit family, the real head being Morticia—although each of the others is a definite character—except for Grandma, who is easily led. Many of the troubles they have as a family are due to Grandma’s fumbling, weak character. The house is a wreck, of course, but this is a house-proud family just the same and every trap door is in good repair. Money is no problem.

Me: May we have a look at some of the cartoons that inspired the making of the TV series?

Chas: Help yourselves. Scroll a bit down, that’s how they call this digital thing, right?


Me: You got it, Mr. Addams. Thank you for the display. We can see that you are signing them down as Chas and not Charles.

Chas: It’s shorter. It looks better than writing out Charles. My friends would call me Chill. I personally like to call myself “A Defrocked Ghoul”. And you can choose whatever suits your taste.

Me: Alright, Chas. It’s an honour for me to lead this interview. I would love to have you show to our fellows here some other illustrations.

Chas: As much as I can see that you love talking about the Addamses, let me introduce to you some other non-Addams related works.

I have worked for ‘The New Yorker’ since I can remember. Most of the pieces you may encounter today were made for them. Wish they would cost that much, when I first made them. The auctions are doing an amazing job with what’s left from the originals. For your amusement I would present you as well some of my covers for the magazine.

Me: Chas, thank you for today’s inspiration. I believe it is time to leave us to our own minds and continue the journey each and every one of us to our own exploration.

Chas (screaming): Goodbye, travellers!

P.S. This interview is a made up conversation between the author of the presented artwork and me. I have used quotes of his published on the web and other biographical materials. I do encourage you all to always make your own research. 


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