Street Art in Sunny Valencia (Part2)

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Dear fellow travellers,

let’s continue our walk in ‘El Carmen’ district which is the heart of the graffiti art in sunny Valencia. I would love to focus on the works of one of the most intricate and feminine street artists known as Julieta xlf.

She is a local graffiti artist that loves to depict doll like girls, animals and fantastic creatures. What caught my eye was her style, the way her characters feel as if coming from children dreams, but yet have something disturbing, a tint of a nightmare here and there. Of course, I would show you a snapshot of exactly what I mean.

Instantly, I wanted to see more works signed by Julieta xlf. Fortunately, my mission was completely possible and I came across some wonderfully colourful walls. This one below is for example exactly what I was looking for.

I wouldn’t stop now that I have found these amazing treasures. I could easily recognize the signature. For me it felt like hunting for precious artifacts. Can you feel the excitement that was completely overwhelming? Well, how couldn’t I fall for such graffiti? It took me only a few seconds to become a fan, or some may say it is ‘love at first sight’. However, I usually want to take a chance and have a glance more than once at things I like.

My photo album of the day was dedicated to my favourite selection of urban art.  Another turn, another page, another shot.

All the girls on my photos are with their eyes closed, perhaps they are dreaming and so was I. Oh wait, I was walking in a real lifelike dream with all those colours around me. In Valencia it is at times hard to tell whether an experience is real or a dream. For sure, it does look a lot like a fairytale.


Sunny, sunny city of Spain,

Funny, funny walls of Carmen,

Shiny, shiny art of Julieta xlf,

Tiny, tiny phone camera of mine

My memories make me travel back in time ❤

Thank you for sharing this trip with me.

Where we are headed next we shall see.

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