Street Art in Sunny Valencia (Part1)

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Dear fellow travellers,

It feels like it’s always sunny in Valencia. How about we go for some sunshine and catch some colors there? Did you know that the streets of this Spanish city are heaven for all the graffiti lovers?

It is an utter pleasure for me to take you to the central east coast of Spain. Of course this means that I would love to share with you another sweet story of the freelance travellers’ journeys.  So, here we are andando por las calles (walking in the streets) seeking the painted treasures. We are sure to discover tons of art pieces.

Check out what we can see when ‘Las Provincias’ (local Spanish newspaper) store is closed.

Another garage door is down revealing four fancy characters. Have you spotted the spray the skeleton is holding? Is the universe of the creator depicted here?

Don’t get hypnotized.  Ándale, ándale! Come on, fellas! Another turn, another street and there it is the horse and the snails graffiti.

Right next to the same building as we continue walking, we will spot the mummy. There is so much that I want to show you, so I got this 2-in-1 photo of ‘the man with the snake beard’ paired with the dead pharaoh.

I couldn’t help myself, but pose for a picture with some bubbly letters. Now that I got your attention, I would let you roam the city freely and find your favorite piece or artist.

My next short story is dedicated to a series of graffiti made by Julieta xlf. Wanna know what she makes?

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