Spit Bridge to Manly Walk, Sydney

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One of the best city escapes in Northern Sydney, Spit Bridge to Manly walk is a must do while you are traveling. Although it may look like just a coastal walk, it actually has a lot more to offer – from tropical forest to bush area and aboriginal stone drawings, it has it all (including majestic beaches, of course). It is a great choice of activity if you are traveling on a budget in Sydney, living in Sydney and looking for a getaway or just nature lover and a hiker.

Getting to Spit Bridge/Manly

You can start both from Manly and Spit Bridge, however, my recommendation would be to start from Spit Bridge and finish with a ferry ride from Manly. Getting to Spit bridge is easy – you can get a few buses from Central station (including the prepaid M30). My suggestion is – get to Wynyard Station and from there get the B-line. B-line is a 2 story bus and the ride offers amazing view to Harbor Bridge, Opera House and Northern Sydney. The price is the same as on a regular bus. Once you reach Spit Bridge head to Manly direction (would be on your right, facing the direction your bus was going to). You will easily find the track so just follow the path – the walk can be a bit difficult at some areas, make sure to have comfortable wear and water at all times.

Length and best time to go

The walk takes up to 3-4 hours (if you are stopping for pictures and snack). My advice is, go early morning and do the walk to Fairlight Beach or Manly beach – then you can relax on the beach and recharge for your amazing Manly ferry ride(ferry is the usual transport price – not more than $5).

Best spots in the Spit Bridge to Manly Walk

Just starting


Walk through a tropical scenery


Hidden beach views


More hidden spots


Find your way out of the forest


Don’t miss the Aboriginal drawings


A view, worth the hours of walking


Fairlight Beach


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