Siracusa from Dusk till Dawn – Sicilia, Italy

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Dear fellow travellers,

Hope that your day is filled with beauty and travel plans. I woke up to a view that makes me think that life is awesome.

Yesterday afternoon we arrived in Siracusa. We did a short walk, of course. However, today is the Big Day. Now, let me tell you about the view. We are staying in the heart of Siracusa, the beautiful historical center Ortigia. In fact it is a small island, surrounded by turquoise water. As you could imagine there is a certain romantic vibe about it. Our apartment is overlooking the marvelous Fontana di Diana on Piazza Archimede.

Another top place for sightseeing is Piazza Duomo, where the Baroque is living and breathing all around starting with the glorious cathedral itself Duomo di Siracusa. On spot you would be surrounded by two more catholic churches, two palaces, cafes, restaurants, a gelato store, the town hall and Ipogeo di Piazza Duomo, now turned into a museum with underground passageways. The façade of the building is what is seen on the right, while the cathedral remains on the left.

Should you be up for a historical tour, Ortigia has a lot to offer. However, with the proximity of the sea I was rushing to check out the route of the sea wall around the island. And there it is …

Make sure you got a nice piece of clothing to keep you warm against the breeze in the late hours of the day. At one place I found a stairway that takes you right to the shore.

But I guess that my greatest discoveries are always the new friends I make on the go. This charming little fellow was on my way back to the apartment. Of course I stopped for a while to greet the furry friend when an interesting piece of information was revealed to me. Have a look!

The day is almost over. We gotta get ready for our next adventure. Join us for the long drive round Sicilia!

See you pretty soon, fellow explorers!


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