Railay Beach – 6 Things You Need To Know Before You Go (Part 2)

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Paradise does exist on Earth and I am pretty sure it’s somewhere in Railay Beach…

4. It is wild and beautiful – Railay Beach is the best choice for nature-lovers and adventure seekers

As mentioned in Part 1, Railay Beach is accessible only by boat and there are no roads going there. The area is famous for rock climbing and there are many spots where you can do that. All the hotels in Railay Beach are small houses or bungalows to preserve the scenery of golden sand beaches with a rain forest behind and rocky mountain cliffs in the background.

5. You will have a Dream Paradise Beach Holiday in Railay Beach

Most of the hotel resorts in Railay Beach are frontline on the beach and offer amazing view to their guests. Even low-budget rooms give you the chance to indulge into a lovely paradise experience. Railay beach is a great place to relax and is a good choice for travelers who have already done plenty of activities and would like to take a few lazy days.

6. You will have a lot of fun in Railay beach for sure!

After all the things you read already you probably think there would be no nightlife in Railay… well, you are very wrong. There are plenty of restaurants (not only in the hotels), local shops and bars, bars, bars. There are even entertainment programs in the evening, such as Mai Thai boxing. And for all of you brownie lovers – variety of places as well 😉

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