Opera House to Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney

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One of my favourite walks in Sydney, definitely the first thing you should do after landing!

Sydney Opera House

Definitely the most popular sight in Sydney (and probably Australia), Sydney Opera House is the first thing you should visit in the city. As you may suggest, it is quite crowded, so my advice would be – go early in the morning and avoid the crowds.

Honestly, I am not sure what else to say because you definitely know probably everything about the Sydney Opera House, so I am just going to share my favorite pictures with you.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Next to the Sydney Opera House are located the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens. There is a short coastal walk taking you straight to the gardens from Opera House. Once you reach, you can explore many different gardens with various plants not only typical from the area, but also plants from all over the world. Some of the must see places are: Fig Tree Lawn, Lotus Pond, Latitude 23 Glasshouse and, of course, the famous Mrs Macquarie’s Chair.

A good place to finish your walk would be the State Library of NSW, located near the exit of the Royal Botanic Gardens.


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