One Wise Doughnut Said…

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Happy June and Happy International Doughnut (Donut) Day, dear freelance travellers!

Being overwhelmed by multicolor doughnut pictures today, we tend to ignore them or look at them as one more “do-nut post”. What we miss is the bigger picture of a celebration of such a small matter.

My morning today started better than my usual day – I got a free doughnut on the street and lucky me, my dieting friend got one too and gave it to me. I thought to myself: “Happy Doughnut Day!” But as the day passed by I got into post-sugar thinking: I remembered the times when I was a kid. Growing up in a post communism country and living through the The Banking and Currency Crises in Bulgaria I barely knew what chocolate tasted like. Tough times made me stronger but easy times now make me spoiled, ignorant and selfish.

We eat dessert not for joy but as a habit; we count the calories; we feel guilty and we even refuse to eat it so we can lose weight. My grandmother, who grew up during World War II, always said she was thankful to get a meal for the day. And yet, here we are 70 years later, spoiled and unhappy with what we have, we throw away food, we see food as our enemy and we spend tremendous amounts of money to eat highly processed “foods” because the tag says “organic” or “diet”.

Yet, somehow we don’t think about that fact that there are people out there who need food to survive the day, although we all are fully aware of that. We know that we should be thankful for the food on our table, but yet we toss the leftovers in the bin.

As my favorite futurist Jacque Fresco used to say:”This shit’s got to go!”

Today I choose to be thankful not only for the food on my table but for all the amazing culinary masterpieces that made my life even more colorful:




Homemade Macaroons

Freak Shakes

On a silly day like International Doughnut Day let’s set up a new trend – International Awareness Day Everyday and let’s be thankful that not only we have food on our table but we have something to make our lives sweeter and happier!


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