My First Ukulele Lesson

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A special dedication to those of you, fellow wanderers, who constantly challenge themselves.

To connect you gotta keep an open mind‘ was saying a printed text on the T-shirt I won at a school competition years ago.  When trying to interpret it for me, it would always mean to stay curious, to try new things, not to pre-empt, to embrace change, to let go of a limited mindset, develop new points of view, listen and experience open-heartedly life. It must have been all those years that brought me that much time to ponder over the meaning.

So here I am, holding the tiny Hawaiian guitar in my hands, not knowing what to do, at all. Haven’t really learned to play a musical instrument so far, I would always admire those who can. Fortunately, I am lucky to get to know this friend of mine who has a genuinely loveable combination skillset of a text writer, musician and a dancer. Only if you happen to ask her about her talents or try to compliment her skills, she would say :

‘Ahhh, it is not a big deal.’

Honestly, the mere fact that someone can think of a melody along with an author’s text, is simply incredible. I asked her precisely to teach me my first ukulele lesson.

Step 1

Surely, it is fun!

This gentle instrument has such a nice sound. I managed to learn a few chords with quite some repetitions and effort. In the end it almost sounded like a complete 10 second melody. I believe that anybody who has musical background could advance much more. Moreover, the patience of the people around (including the neighbors) was much appreciated.


Step 2

A smile is so easy to bring, when you hear me try to even sing.

I was taking baby steps in playing the ukulele and it was adorably tuneless at times. A beginner can entertain a lot a more advanced musician. But, hey, we all need to start from somewhere. Starting from absolutely nowhere can still lead to amazing results. I can’t deny that initiating an art activity that you are not good at, or have never tried, is quite challenging. It is sooo worth the effort though. Just look at this charming Hawaiian instrument. It is light to carry, it is perfect for road trips, it is a great companion for a camp fire …

Dare to give it a try!

Your always curious,


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