My Building Got On Fire

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I live in a small town in an eight-story building on the seventh floor. We don’t have fire alarms; my family doesn’t even own a fire extinguisher. What happened last night left me thinking and sleepless.

***First of all, I should mention that everyone is alive and brought to safety.

Around 10pm on a weekday I and my brother smelled something burn. We looked around our flat but all seemed ok and we thought someone was lighting up their fireplace. Minutes later smell and smoke came from the front door, I went out to see my neighbors talking about possibility of fire in the building. I ran downstairs to see if it was true. Five floors down, on the second floor there were two girls yelling “fire” and knocking on the door where the smoke was coming from – a man was locked inside and didn’t answer. The girls said they already called the Fire Department. I ran upstairs, knocking on the doors and yelling “fire” to wake up the neighbors – a woman slightly opened the door and asked what was wrong – I told her: “The apartment under you is on fire” and she ignorantly closed the door to me. I went to ask my father for help – he said fire was too far, didn’t bother us and nothing we could do (what kind of a father do I have, huh…)

My brother dressed up, got lights (since electricity on the stairs went off) and we tried to run downstairs. We couldn’t even reach the floor below – for a few minutes there was already too much smoke. We went back home – my mom (as all neighbors) called Fire Department again, they had not yet arrived. We opened the windows and smoke from the apartment downstairs was coming up – it was too much, we could see our noses got black from the smoke and everyone was coughing.

Fire department eventually came and put the fire down – the man is alive and in hospital, no threat to his life.

They say the cause of fire was “illegal electrical networking”. The poor man, 59 years old, had tried to steal electricity and things got wrong. Everyone says “he had it coming”…. But did he really?

A wise man once said to me: “We don’t have to punish, we have to teach” – he was a captain of a ship. So I am asking, should we be punishing this man, who made a mistake, or should we show him kindness? He would probably never again do that and we should be there to give him faith that people are better and can be better.

This fire represents our life – we are too ignorant to care unless we are in threat, and we are always looking to blame others. Why it has to be like this? We are all here on this planet as one, and we should be helping each other in good and bad.

Thank you for reading!

Please, be kind and forgive others!


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