Love Amsterdam

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Dear fellow travellers,

Amsterdam needs to be loved for all the right reasons. If I was a local, I would not be happy with the tourists that come here for all the wrong reasons. Are you ready for another freelance travellers’ story of ours?

It is not a secret what attracts the crowds to Holland and in particular to Amsterdam.  Truth is that this city has a lot more to show. The beautiful contrast between the good and the bad, the commercialized attractions and the historical heritage are a true cultural experience worth living. To all the flower lovers out there, keep in mind that the best time to visit for you would be when the tulips are blooming.

When in Germany to see a friend of mine on her Erasmus program we already had this trip to Amsterdam planned. We rented a car with three more friends of hers and on our way there we were listening to Bob Marley songs, need I say more?

On arriving we understood that the hostels charge more expensive on weekends than on weekdays. It could be a surprising fact for the unprepared visitor going on a budget travel. Next thing we did was to get ourselves on bikes and tour the city like locals do. You can’t easily beat a local cyclist – they literally live on these vehicles at a stunningly high speed. Moreover, they are even able to go round and avoid the immersed in photographing tourist on their way. Not to mention that they can drink coffee while cycling and do plenty other miracles I never thought possible while cycling. It is utterly impressive the percentage of bikes compared to the other means of transport.

Tulips, cheese, beer, Anne Frank, Van Gogh are all very present and breathing in the scenery.  They are considered emblematic. Just look at this photo that has the famous artist’s name and the popular beer brand name in one.

A few steps down the channel we would come across a boat named after the little writer that shared her stories of the Second World War in a diary. Amsterdam has boat rentals to offer for the romantic souls. If you let yourself to learn, take your time to explore. Should you be lucky you can even talk to a local on this amazing journey. Just be very, very careful who you pick for a chit-chat.

My best Amsterdam pick is encountering a blue girl graffiti that has so far been my favorite wall art ever. While I was taking the photo a smiling guy offered us to go in a garage and take a hit. We passed on that – no doubt. Trouble radar was on.  From this very situation I got a warning sign.  However, I also got a really cool pic to share with you.

Travel wisely, fellow wanderers, for out there not everything is fun. Have an eye for the pretty things, but care to acknowledge the danger as well.

Your always travelling,


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