In Rome Feels Like at Home

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Dear fellow wanderers,

This is a contemporary story about the way the ancient capital of the Roman Empire looks and flourishes nowadays. We are in Rome, the heart of Italy, the city that has the most well preserved remnants of buildings erected centuries ago. Feels like a living and breathing history. We don’t need to use much of our imagination in order to experience a journey back in time. Why does this capital city taste, smell and feel like home to a restless traveller?

Rome is gelato flavoured.

Can’t deny I am a foodie. Ain’t gonna try to hide it. Gelato is a sweet temptation that I got no way to resist. I simply give in to desserts. If you are seeking for an excuse to indulge in this delicious treat, I’m joining you in an instant. Which flavor though? They are countless!!!Help me out!

Rome is tolerance.

The ‘Ship of Tolerance’ stopped here in 2017. The project of Ilya and Emilia Kabakov is truly moving. It set sails to different locations showing pieces of children’s artwork. Tolerance in travelling and getting to know each other’s culture is promoted. It’s a small world after all.

Rome is horse shows.

Walking in the park of Villa Borghese we happened to catch a horse show at Piazza di Siena. It was so much worth it to stop for a while and enjoy the spectacular view.

 Rome is art.

Anywhere you go, from the small street gallery to a grand museum, Rome is an infinite exhibit of artifacts. You got all the colors, textures and sounds needed for inspiration here. Stop and smile. Take a picture. Keep exploring!

See you for more adventures in Rome soon!


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