How to Paint Text on a Wall

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Dear fellow travellers,

No matter how far we roam, it is always wonderful to go back home. For all of you who would love to have a wall with a personal touch, I would show in a few easy steps how to make a DIY acrylic text.

  1. Plan the project

Choose the exact very wall you would love to paint on. Decide on what the text would say and how big you would like to have the letters (that would be the so call font size). Think how much of the space you would have visible, not covered by furniture, lightning, decoration. You would also need to pick a color or a set of colors you would like to use.

For example, we like to keep it simple. We chose for this project a quote our friend loves. We used black acrylic on a light beige wall. The text is in Cyrillic. It means the following:

‘Home is where

Love lives

Memories are born

Friends are always welcome


Laughter never ends!‘

  1. Get the materials

Everything that you would need from the art store is black acrylic paint from an art store along with an appropriate sized pointed round paintbrush. I would recommend that you buy the smallest amount of paint. When it comes to the brush, you can choose a size between 2 and 4. Of course, depending on the style of the text you could also use a thinner brush for the contours and a larger sized one or the fill. Our preferred type of text is calligraphic, so I got only one thin brush. You would also need paper tape, pencil and scissors.

Tip: If you are not very assured of the precision of your hand using a paintbrush, you can get yourself a sharpie for the outlines.

  1. Make a template of the text

For this step all that it takes is to use any kind of software that could let you type and edit text. You could use Lotus Notes, Microsoft Word, Photoshop, CorelDraw, etc. It doesn’t really matter as long as you can pick the font you like and the estimated size. Next, you would need to save the file and make it available for download. I used a USB and went to a local photo studio to print the .txt file.

Once that you have the text printed on paper, you would be able to make a visual test and check if it fits to the wall and meets your expectations. You might need and extra hand when putting the paper to the wall. If everything seems alright, then you are ready to move on. Fully equipped with a pencil, you got to black out the backside of the paper exactly where your text goes.

Tip: Remember the font size, if you would need to make any corrections later on or make a new template.

  1. Make an imprint on the wall

You would need the paper tape to stick the printed pages to the wall without leaving unwanted traces. Use your pencil to draw over the outlines of the letters.

Now that the back of the paper template is blacked out, when drawing on top of it that would leave a mark on the wall creating the outlines of the text. Be extra careful because even pencil stains are difficult to remove from wall paint. Try not to land your hand on the text. When you are done with the outlines you can remove the paper tape and the paper template.

  1. Use acrylic paint to fill in the imprint

Before you start with the acrylic paint, make sure you take measures not to ruin your clothes or the floor. Acrylic paint is impossible to wash off clothes when it dries out. However, you can easily remove it from the skin. I highly recommend that you use an apron and an outfit you don’t much care for. Also, remember to cover up the floor beneath the text. Next step would be to use either a palette, or a bottle top to mix some acrylic paint with water.

Ready, set, go! Stay focused and colour in those letters of yours.

If you have set your mind on the sharpie, you can use it to even the outline. And Voilà! you have your very own DIY writing on the wall.

  1. Stay inspired

Enjoy your art and do share the method with your friends.

Thank you for visiting our blog! Hope to see you soon for more creative ideas. Feel free to always share your experience with us.

Your partner in art,





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