How to do a “Siberian Firework”?

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Siberia is popular for its freezingly low temperatures and extreme weather conditions. No, we didn’t shoot this video there, but the conditions were similar. The footage is taken literally behind my residential building. Here is how to prepare and do the famous “Siberian Firework”:

First, you need to check the weather forecast and make sure the temperature will drop below -10°C. The best time to do the experiment is at sunrise – the light is good and the temperature drops very low. You will need boiling water – put the water on your stove home and transfer it to the spot, if nearby, or just bring something to boil it on the location.

The rest is easy – throw the water up in the air, forming a wide arc. Make sure to get a wide angle in frame, because the water will go up high in the air. Once thrown in the freezing air, some of the water will evaporate and the rest will drop down frozen into ice. You can repeat a few times to get the best shots, make sure to add slow motion effect to see the firework at its best.

Enjoy the result! 🙂


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