Have a Cup of Tea and Walk with Me in London City

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Dear fellow travellers,

Have you ever visited London? It’s been on my list for a while for the love of tea and Sherlock, for my wish to see the bright red double decker buses and the emblematic black taxis. Was it true it’s always raining in the United Kingdom? I got some questions up my sleeve that needed long awaited answers.

For a starter, how about we enjoy a nice English breakfast by the river Thames? Shall we order the classic eggs Benedict? Can’t help, but think of Mr.Cumberbatch. You wouldn’t ever guess where we were headed next, right? 221B Baker Street is definitely a must see. Wanna solve a mystery?

Residence of Sherlock – checked, the Royal Residence is next. Buckingham Palace is a magnet to the crowds. We can’t resist it either. People from all over the world are coming to witness the ceremony Changing of the Guard.

Did you know how big Big Ben is? Well, I guess it is all about the right perspective. Take the measures for yourself.  In 2012 they had the tower renamed to Elizabeth Tower to honor the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Best stop for a break is the one to have at a park. Now that we are in London, I would wholeheartedly recommend St James’ Park. It is an utter delight to watch the pelicans by the lake.

To be completely honest, what we are doing here is just a tiny bit of a sneak-peak to what the British capital has to offer to the visitors. The sun is starting to go down; we wouldn’t have enough daylight left to be sightseeing much longer. Let’s walk to the London Millennium Footbridge. To all the Harry Potter fans out there, I know you would recall the scene when the bridge was destroyed by the Death Eaters. Fortunately the view now is so serene, no trace of menace in the air.

And it is here, dear fellow wanderers, where we would finish this British story. The next chapters are all yours to write.

Hope you enjoyed our little tour. See you on the next one!

Your always smiling,


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