Frozen Beauty – Part 2

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New year – new me… or should I say same me, because we should cherish who we are.

A lot of my friends have traveled the world, looking for adventures, inspiration or peace of mind. I have barely left my country and I do love travelling in the area of my hometown. I believe we find what we are looking for no matter where we go. I could travel the world, or I could wander through the open field behind my house. The meaning of travelling is not to discover new lands, but to discover who you truly are.

I love winter, as you have probably guessed by my avatar and blog name. Traveling overseas is a privilege and so far I haven’t been able to collect enough money to visit the places I have always dreamed of. However, I never lose my faith in new adventures and I look forward to every new day. Here are a series of photos to prove pretty much what I said above. That lovely view is behind my house just around sunrise on a winter day, with temperature below -15 °C. Peace, serenity and silence… and completely free of charge 😉

P.S. All photos are taken with my Android smartphone. Enjoy!


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