Freak Shakes – One Freaky Reason To Visit Canberra

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And when you just thought your life can not get any better than this, came the Freak Shakes! From a mouth-watering instagram trend to a main reason of travelling, freak shakes have taken over the world in a storm. And in case you didn’t know, the freak shakes craze started in Canberra – in Patissez. Yes, you heard me right, Canberra is the home of the freaky desserts!

Where to find Freak Shakes in Canberra

As a capital of Australia, although a bit infamous and less known, Canberra is known to be the home of plenty of museums, national heritage sights and of course the Parliament.  But one of the best things about Canberra is that it is home to the freak shakes, too.

Hand-made with lots of love and attention to detail, those tasty freak shakes are offered in Patissez – a cozy restaurant in Manuka area. Just a short walk from the Manuka Oval, the place is located on 21 Bougainville Street.

Which Freak Shake is the best for your taste?

So many freaky shakes and yet one can’t simply have them all… The good news for you, freelance travellers, is that in Patissez you can find smaller baby versions of the freaky desserts – in that way you can try which taste you like best and order a normal (which I would personally call huge) size freak shake. And when it comes to choices, you have so many – light fruit flavors, nuts and salted nuts, caramel toffee, coconut bounty, red velvet, cookie, peanut butter, fresh mint and chocolate – anything your soul desires.

(Original photo from the Patissez Website)

When I and my friend visited Canberra for the first time, we headed for freak shakes after a wild sleepless night – I am telling you, the moment the waitress brought them to our table I forgot all the worries in the world. You don’t believe me, have a look:

From an instagram superstar to your favorite dessert/drink – Freak Shakes really bring a smile on your face and make you feel special and spoiled.  If you happen to visit Canberra, don’t miss visiting Patissez –you will not regret it! 😉


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