Figure 8 Pools – NSW, Australia

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Located in Royal National Park, the Figure 8 Pools are a perfect weekend getaway.  A series of sandstone rockshelfs and rock pools fringe the entire coastline and Port Hacking Estuary Line of the National Park broken on by small sandy beaches and gentle freshwater inlets. You are not only going to enjoy some magnificent scenery but you will see some unique animals and plants – especially nerite, turbin and zebra snails and Neptune’s necklace seaweed in the rock pools. You can get there by train – go down at Otford station and head up – you will easily find the path. On a Sunday you will pay only A$2.60 for a return trip from anywhere within NSW.

Before you go – check the low tide!

Figure 8 Pools might be breathtakingly beautiful but the area can be deadly as well. Check for the next low tide time, the wave height, and weather for the day. Don’t go if it’s stormy, mid or high tide. Huge waves smash Figure Eight Pools once the tide starts to rise. You can’t see them coming and they’ll wash you off your feet and across sharp rocks.

The waves coming back after low tide

It’s a 4 hour walk!

It’s a hard, 6km walk to get there and back. The walk to the rock platform takes 3-4 hours return, down a steep, narrow, slippery track and up on the way back. Bring enough food and water with you and check the train timings on the way back – usually trains run every one hour or more.

The track gets quite difficult at some parts

It’s truly beautiful so plan more time to stop for photo breaks!

Royal National Park is known for its tall limestone cliffs and amazing scenery. On your way to the Figure 8 Pools you will pass by some evergreen forests, tall cliffs, a palm forest and bush walk. Once you reach the ocean you will see a nice beach and from there you will make your way through the ocean rocks. The pools are just behind the corner.

Don’t look down!


That’s pretty much gonna be your view throughout the entire walk 😉


Walking through the Palm Jungle


Almost there


Keep an eye for friendly locals


Be careful when you reach the ocean rocks

Bring your swimsuit and take a dip in the Figure 8 Pools!

The name of the pools comes from one pool that has the shape of the number 8 – however it is a huge line to take a picture there since it’s quite a popular spot.

The famous and crowded Figure 8 Pool

My advice to you is to avoid the crowds and find yourself some cleaner and empty pools. You will be amazed just how many they are!

Some cleaner and less crowded rock pool nearby


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