DIY Paper Flower

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Dear fellow travellers,

Hope you are all enjoying a good season of cheerful celebrations. Should you happen to be invited to a beautiful event and wonder what flower to pick, here it is a nice suggestion with a personal touch.

Why not make a perfect DIY paper flower? It would last longer, leave a really lovely impression and add so much beauty to a day full of joy. I would reveal the secrets behind the creation and design in the following gallery. Enjoy!

  1. Get all the things you need ready and available on your working space
  • Glue/adhesive (I used shoe glue in this case, but any suitable kind would do the work)
  • Transparent or dark green scotch tape
  • A pair of scissors
  • Long stick ( Could be wooden ,plastic, cardboard or whatever you may find in a craft or flower shop)
  • A round pencil
  • At least two colors of crepe paper (I chose yellow and green, as those are the favorite colors of the special person in mind)
  1. Cut 5 tear shaped petals and 15 heart shaped petals out of crepe paper for the head of the flower
  2. Use the pencil to mold the petals into more realistically shaped ones
  3. Adjust first the tear shaped petals near the end of the stick. Use scotch tape for every layer. Start gradually adding the heart shaped ones.
  4. Cut a long rectangular piece of green crepe paper, do a harmonica fold and cut out a ‘M’ shape like the one shown in the photo
  5. Add the green sepals to the head of the flower
  6. Cut a long thin green stripe for the stem. Start forming the stem covering it with the crepe paper in a spiral
  7. Add a small piece of the paper used for the petals to cover the stigma
  8. Add cut out green leaves to the stem for a final touch

Voilà! Your DIY paper flower is ready to be given from the heart to your beloved one!

Hope you can make a good use of this pretty suggestion. Stay always inspired!

Looking forward to seeing you rejoin our virtual craft studio soon!

Your always co-creating,


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