This Designer Turns Her Travel Photos Into Fashion Illustrations (Dubai)

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Dubai – a city, where imagination goes beyond horizon

“I used to hate my life in Dubai – the heat, long hours of work, the lack of holidays, the many rules and regulations were driving me crazy. Hard times made me blind to all the treasures I had – friends, happiness and love.

One year later, I look back at all my photos and remember the amazing times with even more amazing people. Why is it that we always appreciate what we have only when we’ve lost it…

One year later, I use those memories as my inspiration, looking forward to go back and rediscover the spirit of a city so fierce and yet full of love!”

“That time I found butterflies in the desert…”

“That time I had to hide from the desert sun under those umbrellas…”

“That time when I went to Oman on a boat…”

“That time when my best friend got an amazing henna design…”

“That time when my best friend went lantern shopping…”

“That time when we couldn’t wait to open our Christmas presents…”


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