Dee Why to Collaroy Coastal Walk, Sydney

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If you want to avoid the crowds from the popular Bondi to Coogee walk, then Northern Beaches are your go-to destination. Known for their beauty and panoramic long sand walks, beaches in Northern Sydney will quickly turn into your favorite spots. Dee Why to Collaroy coastal walk, known also as Long Reef walk, is one of my favorites and it doesn’t require any special equipment or preparation – you can literally walk barefoot in your swimsuit.

Getting to Dee Why Beach

My suggestion would be start your walk from Dee Why beach. Going there, I strongly recommend the B-line – it’s a two storey bus line that has the same fares as all public transport lines (on a Sunday transport in NSW is only $2,60 per day for unlimited rides). You can board the B-line from Wynyard Bus stop and will enjoy a lovely ride across the Harbor Bridge. If you want to secure the front seat on the second bus floor, make sure to queue for the bus earlier. Once you reach Dee Why Bus stop, just head down Howard Avenue and you will reach the beach.

Dee Why Beach

Length and best time to do the Long Reef Coastal Walk

You can do the Long Reef Coastal Walk all year long; however, my advice would be to go early morning or late afternoon. You can go for a swim at Dee Why beach or even the ocean pools on the side. The walk will not take you more than 1 hour, depending on how long you would stop to take pictures or have a break. Once you reach Collaroy beach there is a bus stop for the B-line going back to Wynyard just beside the beach. Of course, you would most likely spend a few hours at Collaroy beach – it is really long and beautiful and has ocean pools where you can swim  as well.

Best spots along the Dee Why to Collaroy Coastal walk (Long Reef walk)

Long Reef Walk Entry


Going up the hill


Long Reef Lookout Point


Long Reef Golf Field


Fisherman’s Beach


Collaroy Ocean Pool & Fisherman’s Beach


Collaroy Beach


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