Captured Moments in Venice

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They say Venice is nothing like the rest of Italy.

Venetian Mask & Glass Woman Statue

I was drawn to Venice by my strong curiosity and desire to feel its historical and mysterious vibe. My first impressions intensified the feeling of being in a glorious, magical place. Let’s take a closer look to the gondolas. The old traditional Venetian means of transport combines both stillness and dynamics across the monumental static buildings on the opposite side of the canal. Peace and movement are unified by the blue-green water infinity. If we set our eyes on the ornaments of the vessels, we shall be impressed how these creatures of metal and wood are embraced by soft threads of fabric. It looks just like a lace, as gentle and subtle as the picturesque Venetian glass.


Nowadays in Venice modern and traditional style are living together. The eternal balance of heart and mind is sought in the new sculptures built for tourists’ attraction. The circle of life revolves and keeps the never ending game of gaining faith, believing in destiny and building relationships. The freedom of personal choice reveals secret dreams in a very provocative way. This provocation is turned into artistic mood and ignites the talent, even though now I am back from this walk taken seven years ago.

Street Art Sculptures

Dare to be inspired. Capture the moment and remember it like it was yesterday.

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