Besties Desert Safari – Dubai, UAE

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Dear friends,

I dedicate this story to our besties. Although at times we play the solo traveler or travel with family, with that special one and other friends, we know that the moments we share with our best friend have a special vibe. I wish that you all have as much travels as you want of any kind.

Truth is that even if we don’t do anything special, when reunited with my bestie time simply runs different for us. Perhaps we owe it to the rare occasions of reunion, perhaps we know that people like us are so rare to find and share our time with, perhaps …

So I took a plane to visit Maggie while she was still working in Dubai. Being employed by a local touristic company, she surely did know the best attractions offered to the visitors. That’s how we got a Desert Safari booked.

The jeep took us from the travelling company office location and we set to the desert. I remember that there was a stop, mainly a touristic trap for souvenirs, snack and water. We got to talk to the driver who started telling us stories about dunes and camels. I didn’t know how extreme the ride would be. Our driver said that girls usually scream.

By the time a little tension was built up for what was to come next, we entered the desert.  The view was basically sand, sky and other jeeps cruising between the sand dunes. Bumpy ride on its wawaWAaAaAaAay!

When the breaks were hit for a stop, we rushed out and did a photo session to remember the moment.

Haven’t been out in a desert like that until then. We survived. I learned that there are also camel rides, sand skiing and other activities. What do you think that a desert holds? Cave of wonders? Secret treasures? Just sand?  Cacti and snakes?

Share your thoughts with us.


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