After Sunset in Sheikh Zayed

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Dear fellow travellers,

I dedicate this journey to Abu Dhabi to all of you, who are beauty seekers and aesthetes by heart. What took us to the capital of the United Arab Emirates is the spectacular Sheikh Zayed Mosque. This incredible monument is said to be the world’s eighth biggest mosque. If you wish to plan a visit, choose any day except for Friday morning. Make sure to check the visiting time if you happen to be in the UAE during the holy month of Ramadan. Usually tourists are welcome starting from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm.

We preferred to have a day trip to the mosque departing from Dubai. Bus number E100 departs from Bur Dubai bus station right in front of Al Ghubaiba metro station. Another option is to take bus E101 from Ibn Battuta metro station. Each bus will take you straight to Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station. There you gotta pick either bus line 032 or bus line 054.

Our best advice for once you are on spot is to wait until after sunset. The scenery changes in such a romantic way that nobody can deny the beauty of it. There is a strict policy on outfits especially for women, so a great piece of advice is to bring a scarf to cover your head. Of course, they offer free of charge black abayas at the entrance, but it would much more comfortable to be in your own long sleeved top and long length trousers or a skirt.

Whoever said the best things in life are free, must have referred to the free entrance of Sheikh Zayed. No matter how big the crowds are, this place is so massively huge, that you would not feel out of personal space. Selfie time is a must!

Some special facts for this extraordinary monument include the decoration finish of Greek and Italian white marble, interior design with three types of calligraphy, chandeliers made of gold and Swarovski crystals and a hand-knotted vast carpet.  The project was sponsored by the late president Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan who trusted the Syrian architect Yousef Abdelky with the work. In 2007 the mosque was opened for the public. It is worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. And I wish to you, fellow dreamers, to have your very own album with photos from Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

See you on another adventure soon,


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