A Spooky Walk In Cockatoo Island, Sydney

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If you are wondering where to go next for a good walk – your wonder is over! Cockatoo Island is the best place for a quick day trip or a walk within city reach, including a pleasant ferry ride in Sydney Harbor and some spectacular views of the city from a different perspective.

Getting to Cockatoo Island

Pretty much, the only way to get to the island is by ferry. You can leave from Darling Harbor or Sydney Harbor, just ask for Cockatoo Island and the ferry staff will help you with the best route. If you take the ferry on a Sunday you will not pay more than $2,50 for your entire day of using any transport within NSW, how cool is that.

Things to do in Cockatoo Island

Once you reach the island, make sure to check when the last ferry in your direction departs – ferries to Cockatoo Island run within longer periods of time. There is a tourist information center right at the ferry stop – you can check for some local activities. Or you can just have a nice walk and picnic on some quiet spot with a beautiful view. Walking around the island is quite interesting and has a lot of hidden historical spots – you can even see an old ship repair station, where convicts were sentenced to work.

Spooky Adventures in Cockatoo Island

Between 1839 and 1869 the island was used as a convict prison. Initially, prisoners were transferred to Cockatoo Island from Norfolk Island, and were employed constructing their barracks and rock-cut silos for storing the colony’s grain supply.

Walking among some of the underground tunnels across the island or inside the ship barracks, you can feel the spooky presence of the island… legends say that Cockatoo Island is the home of a few ghosts and guess what? You can spend the night on the island and find out for yourself, if you dare 😉


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