A Day In Thassos

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Okay, to be honest it was less than a day, just a few hours in fact. We were able to catch just a glimpse of this colorful and picturesque island, hoping that our path would lead its way back to it someday and this time we would be able to go and explore some more.

Greece is the perfect summer destination and even after the touristic season is over the temperatures remain high enough to go sunbathing. It reminds us of other nice and warm parts of Europe like Spain, Italy and Turkey where you can still enjoy the sea, swim in crystal clear water and taste really good food. The Mediterranean is simply superb!

Our love to the Mediterranean got us unthoughtfully subscribed for a one day trip to Thassos. So our backpacks were packed, the alarm was set to an inhumanly early hour and before sunrise our bus was heading to the Greece border.

An exciting part of the trip was the ferry. Our bus stopped at the seaport where we embarked the vessel. There were seagulls flying all around and unless you are terrified from stories like Alfred Hitchcock’s, you could stretch out and feed them pieces of what’s left from you breakfast.

At last we arrived at this infamous island in a hurry to get a Gyros and drink Frappé on the beach. Those are after all the classic Greek stories from the shore. Amazingly for such a tiny island there were plenty of souvenir shops where you could forget that time is flying. We stayed focused though and didn’t let the welcoming merchants distract us for too long.

We managed to make time stop! We found the perfect Greek Cafeteria with hammocks and shamelessly take full advantage of it. I do not claim to know what it feels like after a divine feast on top of Olympus, but I bet we were close enough to chilling like gods. But as we are only humans after all we had to obey such things as the hour to depart.

Goodbye Thassos! It was another legendary day of Freelance Travellers’ history!



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