7 Alternative Ways To Travel

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Travelling around the world is a privilege and requires a lot of effort, planning and a certain sacrifice. Not to mention that in many cases travelling depends entirely on third factors, such as passport restrictions, holiday leave, financial possibilities and limitations and many others. However, this doesn’t mean you have to stay home and depress yourself by looking at travel Instagram posts. On the contrary, just because you can’t leave your own country, or even city, town or village, this doesn’t mean you can’t travel. Travelling is a state of mind and a traveller is a dreamer and adventurer.

Here are 7 alternative ways to achieve the benefits of travelling and experience true adventures:

1. Documentary movies

When you travel you learn a lot about different places, cultures and people. You can do pretty much so by checking a documentary on TV or online. One of my favorites is “Planet Earth”. With the advance of technology, new documentary movies are so good that it feels like you are almost there, plus you get detailed information and a professional tour guide along the show.

2. Walk in the park, field, lake or whatever suburbs you have nearby


Helped this fellow (not my dog) to look for hidden bones in the sand

Get out of home to the nearest park or vast land. Bring some snack with you and make yourself a lovely picnic day. It’s all about the attitude! 😉 And you could even get some Instagram worthy shots to share with your friends.

3.Walk around in town

New Street Art

You may have lived all your life in a certain place but nothing compares to the feeling of getting lost among it and rediscovering its worth. Roam around the small hidden spots of your home place, choose a different route on the way back from work or just walk from side to side, see the sunrise or wait for dawn – so many possibilities await for you.

4. Visit nearby cities or villages

Visiting a friend, who lives in a small mountain town

Leaving town is pretty much a road trip – yep, that makes you a traveller. You can visit any area nearby and just go for a walk or coffee. You will definitely escape the routine of everyday life.

5. Visit your family

I and my brother wearing matching Doge T-shirts and building a snowman in the last snow (even if it was quite muddy)

Even if you live with your family, there must be some other family members you could visit for a cup of tea or just to catch up. Listen to their stories and don’t be afraid to share yours. And should you not have any family nearby, just visit some of your friends.

6. Hang out with friends

Ferry Ride

If you are enjoying a good social life, that means you are seeing your friends regularly and are pretty close to them. However, if you want to experience something new, try reconnecting to some of your old, even forgotten friends. Ask them out and see what interesting life experience they have to share with you.

7. Dare to Dream

A wise woman once said to me: “Dreams are free and no one can take them away from you!” We all know that but sometimes we get lost in our daily problems. Dreams are a unique way to travel in time and space and once you realize that you will be forever travelling. Dare to wish for the unknown and dare to believe in the impossible! We materialize what we believe in and our soul is on this planet to experience a journey of a lifetime!


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