5 Things To Keep In Mind While Visiting Bangkok For The First Time (Part 2)

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 3. Nightlife can be a bit disappointing

Being famous for its nightlife, Bangkok has been a major scene in plenty of party and fun movies. Unfortunately, the experience I and my friend got was not even close to what you think.

After a good research on nightlife in Bangkok we went to the famous Soi Cowboy Street – it is really a safe area and bars and clubs are new and modern. However, presentation is not only poor but also makes you feel sorry for all the girls working there. There were hundreds of girls on the street and inside bars, they were just waiting for someone to call them out, didn’t have any performance or choreography. Most of the girls looked underage and the whole experience made me feel sorry about the life choices they had to make. Coming from Eastern Europe, I am definitely used to completely different nightlife. 🙁

4. The tipping culture

Anywhere you go, anything you do, you are asked to tip everyone even after you have already paid. All the people expect you to leave tips – drivers, sellers, people helping you on the street; you even have to tip the dancers in the clubs for giving performance for everyone on stage. Furthermore, you are expected to tip a good amount of money – starting from 100 baht… And if you don’t tip someone you are definitely getting a mean look, even could get into a quarrel or be asked to leave from certain places.

5. Air Pollution + Extreme Heat = Heavy Breathing

Bangkok has population of more than 8 million people – that’s 2 millions more than the population of my entire country. It is only logical that a city like that will be very polluted and crowded. However, what makes pollution worse is the climate – it is really hot and humid every day and mixed with crowds and polluted air it makes a deadly combination.

Make sure to have a bottle of water with you at all times; you can wear an anti-pollution mask or just avoid the hottest times of the day when going around the city. Of course, to avoid the heat, there are plenty of air conditioned places like cafes, restaurants and shopping centers. You can also hop into an Uber when going long distances – all the cars are with AC.

Like any big city, Bangkok has plenty of things to watch out for, but this doesn’t mean it’s not a good place to visit. On the contrary – there are so many places worth seeing and you should be really excited if you happen to be going soon. 🙂

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