3 Things I liked about my boat trip to James Bond Island

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The original name of the island is actually Khao Phing Kan. It is an island in Thailand, in Phang Nga Bay northeast of Phuket. A little away from the shore lies the 20-metre tall islet called Ko Ta Pu or Ko Tapu. Since 1974, when they were featured in the James Bond movie “The Man with the Golden Gun”, Khao Phing Kan and Ko Ta Pu have been popularly called James Bond Island.

1. It really looks like all the famous photos on the internet

Yes, it looks amazing. The whole area has unique island structures and caves and is totally worth seeing and great #insta material. 😉

2. The boat trip from Phuket to Phang Nga Bay

Located between the island of Phuket and the mainland of the Malay peninsula of southern Thailand, Phang Nga Bay is a must-see on your Thailand bucket list. Since it’s a long ride from Phuket, you will be most likely taking a big boat to get there. Scenery is amazing and the whole atmosphere is quite relaxing. Limestone cliffs with caves, collapsed cave systems, and archaeological sites are found about Phang Nga Bay. They say that around 10,000 years ago, when sea levels were lower, it was possible to walk from Phuket and Krabi. (wow)

3. Kayaking in Phang Nga Bay

One part of the trip was kayaking (of course with a local guide) amongst the amazing caves of Phang Nga Bay. We did a good 1 hour tour around the area and even managed to go under some of the stone structures and inside the sea level caves.

In conclusion, Phang Nga Bay (including James Bond Island) is one of the reasons you should be visiting Thailand and it was the reason I considered staying in Krabi after my visit to Phuket.

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